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Program introduction

On July 5, 2022 at New World Saigon Hotel ***** An Cuong Wood (ACG) held a press conference to officially launch An Cuong Interior Design Award 2022 (An Cuong IDA 2022).

The Interior Design Award is considered an annual award of An Cuong Wood Joint Stock Company in many different fields such as architecture, interior, creating textures on new materials..., for the purpose of connecting , develop and honor young talented architects and interior designers in Vietnam. In which, An Cuong Interior Design Award 2022 is an interior design competition aimed at new design and construction solutions, with flexible application and promoting the spirit of sustainability in daily living spaces. : living room, common room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room...

Accordingly, at the press conference, An Cuong Wood representative also shared about this year's contestants who are students studying Architecture & Interior Architecture majors at universities, colleges, and universities. Architects, interior designers nationwide in two forms, groups or individuals. The application period will be from July 5, 2022 to August 31, 2022. Besides, the route as well as the message, goals and main theme of this year's contest "Shophouse - When Dream And Life Become Home" were also introduced in detail during the press conference. With the spread of the first season, the Organizing Committee believes that An Cuong Interior Design Award 2022 (An Cuong IDA 2022) will bring a new breeze with new talents in the interior design village. You will have a stage to integrate in a subtle, new and highly applicable way, thereby easily realizing the ideas from your drawings into reality.

Besides, with the foundation of the success of the An Cuong Interior Design Award 2021 contest, this year's contest has received a lot of attention from the press and media units besides the companion media such as: BCI Central, Saigon Economic Times, Interior, Beautiful House, Architecture Magazine, FBNC… An Cuong Interior Design Award 2022 (IDA 2022) will surely create a season full of competition and surprises.

With the total cost of organization and prizes up to 2 billion VND, in which the First Prize will receive 100 million VND in cash from An Cuong and nearly 50 million VND will be converted into vouchers from co-sponsors such as: Malloca, AConcept, Imundex, Hettich, Schneider ... . This is an impressive number for a contest held in Vietnam. An Cuong believes that this award will become a sustainable award in the furniture industry. The winning projects at An Cuong IDA will be put into practical applications as well as compete in larger international arenas.

Contest rules


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The press conference to kick off the competition "An Cuong Interior Design Award 2022" on July 5, 2022 has officially opened the registration portal, receiving entries until the end of August 31, 2022, promising to bring many Dramatic competition for young Vietnamese interior design talents.

With the theme "Shophouse - When Dream and Life Become Home", the organizers received a lot of positive feedback along with questions and problems faced by the contestants. Therefore, let's An Cuong summarize and answer through this Q&A.














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